Can you take me away,
I'm so scared that I'll never, be put back together
This pain is breaking me in
Sucking the spirit from my very morale
My life is like someone else's editorial
Depression has brought my life to an anti-social mess
wallowing deep in a manic,
my mind  far too busy to even begin to panic
Tell me why?
Tell me why it all had to be a lie?
Don't play with my mind....
for your motivation I am troubled to find
is it love, or merely the wanting for the truth that together we bind?
Don't leave me here,
please I dont think  I can take it
This pain is painful, and its driving me down
Hope is lost with the twinkle in my eyes
after these passed years of the numerous broken ties
Months of blurry grey skies
trouble my soul and shine through the lies
Down to the deep, hidden emotions
through all the tears and all the comotion
Can no one understand my notion?
Stop while you're ahead,
there is no way of helping me through
for it is my own truth I have to find
and I have to be the first to see it through.
So in the mean time, if you happen to drop by...
Could you tell the Lara I used to know, not to give up,
and not to say goodbye?