Rocky laid down yawning lightly, worn from battle. His hands rose to the tempers of his head, rubbing over lightly through tightly closed eyes, his wounds trickling with the soft red blood more lightly now. He glances up slowly, his eyes opening… if maybe waiting for something. The men that had followed him…fought with him, beside him…. waited in anticipation, worried if their leader…. Who was no older then 15...perhaps had now lost his mind; though they should not fear his mind is as found as ever. Rocky continued to lie, watching the midnight sky; his eyes attracted by the stars...But not by the brightest but the dullest caught his attention. Rocky turned more towards his friends…. smiling lightly, “Tyson” he called…his voice fairly low and tired. Tyson was a fairly tall guy, dark piecing eyes with fairly muscular built. "Ty? Come here"
Tyson walked towards Rocky…his foot limping aching with pain as he moved, "What it is Rocky, what's wrong do you need some pain relievers?"
Rocky shuck his head "No, the pain is fine...Look into the sky, tell me what you see.." Tyson did yet, his gaze higher, looking to the midnight sky…dusty, dark, the air had settled from their previous fight..
"Rock, I see the moon glowing with the help of the sun...and many scattered bright stars”
A smiled curled to Rocky’s lips, adding a brightness to his face as he closed his eyes once more…tilting his head slightly…“Is that all you see?”
Tyson returned with a nod, yawning himself…“Yup, nothing much else…”
Rocky, without opening his eyes raised his hand, his index up pointing towards a region of stars, not the bright, yet the dullest, the ones that had captured his gaze….“What about them…” He turn slightly with a holding wince…pointing to the one’s opposite the same fairly brightness to them.
Tyson looked, following the direction of Rocky’s hand….“Well, they’re not of any importance really. Rock, I see them but…they’re dull, and barely seen. Why should they matter?”
A faint low howling rolled over the area they rested in. The place was fairly enclosed by trees with scattered camps. A log fire burning in the middle, casting a light glow over the area. Otherwise, the area not caught by the fire was rather dark…dismal, crowded by men and boys almost ranging from the youngest of 7 to the eldest being 34. Initial thoughts probably are embarrassment of the elders walking under the command orders.. Leadership of a young boy, but he had the reputation that his father once had, the charisma of bringing up morale and making brighter days through darker lights, even if they were fighting for the wrong things… causes.
Rocky tilted his head more to Tyson, his face lightly flickering through the fire’s path…”So when those dull stars sneak up behind those brighter and kick their ass…will they be seen then?”
Tyson nodding a quick understanding look gleaming over his face…“Of course.”
Rocky smirked shaking his head.. “No Ty…. they won’t be seen”
The fast face of understanding, just as face disappearing from Ty.. “Rock, you know your making no sense to me today.”
Rocky folds on into a grin as he nods…”Yea, maybe I’m not…but the dull stars.. They wont be seen. Just like they weren’t before they attacked…. though their presence and the pain they give out will most definitely be seen…”
Tyson shook his head as he yawned once more…”Rocky…maybe I’m just to tired to understand…” Rocky nodded he turned moving to stand as he winces, his face cursed by a frown against his lips, as he finally reaches his feet…
“Maybe one day you will understand…but…who are we? The bright stars or the dull? Which is better to be, bright or dull?” Tyson maneuvered his hands moving to help the heavily burdened wounded body of Rocky’s up.. "I…I…” He glances up to Tyson….”Tell me in a few years time …” Rocky braced a wince…turning to a smile, the fire flicking now into his eyes with his movements…before turning, he walked around the fire, the flames brought up…tossing and turning. He stopped, to bend rather painfully and groaning picked up a log. He tossed it into the center of the fire, watching it thrive, conceal trap the wood before burning it, looking briefly back towards Tyson…“Get a good night sleep Tyson, we’ll need it for the morning, no doubt.”
Tyson nodding, grinning almost.. "Hey I always sleep well….”
Rocky smirked.. "Yea…is that before or after you help a poor lass to your bed because she’s Oh so restless?”
Tyson shook his head “Hey, you shouldn’t know about these things your only a kid..”
Rocky paused before nodding, Tyson was right…he was only a kid.. Yet the only time he had been treated like a kid was at his last home, “I think I’ve seen way to many things to be classed as a kid, don’t you Tyz?”
Tyson nodding shortly after a more sorrowful gaze “Yea, your right, sorry…I didn’t mean to..”
Rocky shook his head in return his smile returning…”Don’t be sorry, you did nothing…”
Tyson started making his own way back towards his resting spot, a tent…only little, rather drab, the whiteness of the sheets turned gray by the dusty grounds, muddy. He looked back to Rocky’s position. “He’ll be alright you know, “ Tyson passed his final gaze around the camp site, a soft curled smile, rather emotional-filled, and rare…before turning and walking away…
Rocky nodded…even though Tyson was walking from him, he continued to nod…his gaze lowering slightly…full of mixed emotions.. "Yea..” A soft whisper…barely audible to even those that had good hearing. He played out a sigh through his lips, fading out by the sound of a wolf howling in the distance…his gaze rising. The sound of the wolf was rather calming…. soothing. The flame of the fire flicking in the glow of his eyes from the moonlight, his head turning to the right by the sound of an owl, a rather deep unusual kind of noise…His blink brought him back from his thoughts as his gaze rested over the owl…which seemed to stare right through him. He turned his head, glancing behind him. The soft sound of wings fluttering…drawing his head back towards where the owl was…. now gone…. He raised his hands to his eyes rubbing them.. "Damn I need some sleep.” He turned, his step fairly slow as he made his way towards his resting place…up against a tree outside, where he felt most comfortable….
Through the night, the moon shone over the sleeping Rocky. The wind caressing the area him and his friends were placed in; each grabbing on to hold a piece of sanity and love… The wind rolling over each person as if drifting a soothing calmness over each. They were still in the mists of the Spain, not quite sure but the dungy smell of home still hung around through the forests….
Caught by the images of his dream, his mind kept on straying back to his home… his family…his family he gained…. Charizma, Shalyn, Lil and Ray. Almost a silent tear fell through his sorrowed dreams… him turning over against the tree…. as he murmured…a sharp kick to the side startling him; soaring his eyes open with a fiery gaze…blinking through the sleep as he pushes himself forwards to sit…. rubbing his side…then next a voice he heard. “Rocks, wake up we need you..”
Rocky groaned exhaustedly…. slipping a hand over his bare chest as he rubbed…still bearing heavy bruises….”Need what…ugh…leave me…. I need sleep you know…”
The voice belonged to a small man …a hunched back cowering over Rocky from his laid position…. a frail hand poking into the arm of Rocky, instantly leaving a mark… Rocky’s hand rose to rub over it with a weak wince…. “Come on Rocky, “ The small man…hobbled away adjusting from foot to foot….
Rocky shook his head, lowering into his hands with a groan… “Fine, I’m coming I’m coming already Tierz..” The man responded the name instantly turning with a shy smile perking up through his wrinkled face…
“Well you better, boy, if I have my way I’ll be eating all the bacon….” After the word bacon fell from Tierz lips the swift tempting smell of bacon shifting around him…calling almost, Tierz.. drifted into almost nothing as his spot where he stood was turned over with amazingly coloured lines of light almost dusty mists…. Ranging from pinks, purple… dull toned colours but an elegant effect…
Rocky grinned slowly shaking his head he moved to stand…groaning almost from aching bones…he lowered his hand to pick him a shirt…making his way to the main area of the camp…. his foot pushed into the fire…now dead and dying…his foot smouldering any last remains of a re-lighting chance…He stood, paused, watching it for a moment longer..
Rocky reached the gathering…the usual morning charges for food…idle talk… receiving a through nods on his way that he returned each with a smile…making his way to Tierz…
“Morning.” Rocky looked to Tierz, a smile now growing on his face..
Tierz chuckled as he glanced up nodding, "Knew that would get you out of bed..” He raises a plate to Rocky filled with various slices of bacon, egg, sausages…”Come eat up, you’ll need all the strength for later.”
Rocky nodded frowning faintly. He took the plate sitting down on the log beside Tierz. “Later..? What why…what am I doing know without anyone telling me?” He sighed, poking a finger through the bacon…
“Well Rocky…” Tierz paused while slipping a slice of bacon into his mouth. Talking through his eating… “If you remember, we’re heading up to the cliffs to take an overlook at the base. See if we can get in, you know..”
Rocky groaned as he nodded briefly closing his eyes…. as he raised his finger sucking from it.. “I remember don’t worry about it…so…you think we can get in..?”
Tierz nodded slowly.. “We have to Rocky, remember?” Rocky nodded, opening his eyes and moving to eat some of the bacon.
“How could I forget…? Tierz.” Rocky was cut short as a plate was thrown in his lap…. placing his own plate down on the grassy side…. a voice soared it’s way from a few metres in front of Rocky…
“ Yea, Rocky how could you forget your so called father is the whole damned reason we’re here..” Rocky blinked, as he moved to stand.. Tierz raised his hand placing it against Rocky’s arm…. but Rocky continued to stand, looking onto the boy. He wasn’t older then Rocky by a year or two by appearance, black scruffy greasy hair falling over his face….
Rocky threw his gaze downwards as he sighs…“Of course Rod…”
The boy grinned as his name was shown, nodding… “That’s right, now isn’t it Rocky? Your damn dad goes and gets himself captured…. and forced to do shit, while we have to go running and save him. Well, excuse me if I’m not nice to you…”
Tierz instantly stood…his finger stretched out through his arm pointing sharply to Rod. His voice grew angered…. stronger, almost racketing off the tree’s … “Go back to Sleep”
Rocky kept his gaze fairly lowered…. he turned walking away from the camp…walking into the forest…leaving the scene of Rod and Tierz far behind him, as he slipped back into his thoughts… closing his eyes. Rod wasn’t the only one not happy with the situation…this wasn’t Rocky’s life… his life was back at the manor with Charizma…Lil, Ray and Shalyn. They were his family after his mother. He had never seen his father; he’d seen someone who was his father, but not his father… A title he so desperately wanted to give to him, maybe with this he would love him…. Call him son and show him the world…guilt sauntered over him.. Ray had done all those things. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate it. He did entirely…but there was something more…He sighed, leaning back against the tree as his tear-stroked eyes glanced up to the skies… and the sun…